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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Headed to Fresno & Tulare California soon to film my Mini-Documentary. I have to be limited with the details, but yes, I will be joined by DevinCow. How is that possible? I dunno, we’re pretty much making this up as we go. I CAN say that we’ll be visiting some important sites in Tulare:

The Tulare Agri Center: Ever wonder where Devin Nunes films his “famous” sitting in front of tractors during appearances on Hannity? Me neither, but, we’ll be filming there.

The Infamous Empty Clovis Office: Ever wonder where Devin pays rent on space that’s supposed to be where he appears and represents his constituents? Me neither, but, we’ll be filming there. It’s basically an office with a landline and voicemail. Rumor has it, Devin has been seen there but the footage is similar to the famous video of Bigfoot walking through the forest (Google it).

And finally, we’ll be meeting with actual farmers! Who? None of your business, but I CAN tell you that they’ve never met Devin. I’m also bringing several photos and inviting Congressman Nunes' constituents to play, “Which One Is Devin?”

"Which One Is Devin" Photos:

Patrick Duffy

Devin Nunes

Lev Parnas

Young Patrick Duffy

Will keep ya posted without giving too much away because Devin is insane and he’ll try to steal back his cow and we just can’t have that. Please consider donating for the trip and for the one and only Devin Cow.


Thanks! Tobes

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