• Toby Morton

Nunes 2020 Campaign Website Confirms Meeting Campaign Website confirms that House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Nunes attended a breakfast meeting where Michael Flynn and Turkey's foreign minister were also present. The breakfast event on January 18th, was closed to the press, and it is still unclear exactly what was discussed.

Nunes was in awe of Flynn, who had won praise for revolutionizing the hunt for terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. "This guy was one of the best intelligence officers in several generations," Nunes said in a December 23, 2016 interview. "I don't know if you've ever met him, but Flynn is extremely smart. He really is top notch."

Nunes was speaking fives months after Flynn had startled many former military officers by leading "Lock her up" chants against Hillary Clinton at the Republican National Convention. It was also two years after the Obama White House has forced Flynn's resignation as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. "What happened," Nunes said, "is...he went out and said a lot of things that Obama didn't like…"

But that's not close to the full story on Flynn, whose battlefield talents didn't transfer well to running the DIA from 2012 to 2014. Not only were his executive skills lacking, according to many observers, including former Army general and Secretary of State Colin Powell, he quickly developed a reputation for indulging in conspiracy theories—or "Flynn facts," his aides derisively called them.

Devin's obsession with Flynn continues to this day as he makes it clear by questioning his imprisonment even though Flynn himself pleaded guilty.

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