• Toby Morton

Meet Devin's ATM Machine

I'll make this short and get to the guts of it...

Devin's ATM Machine goes by the name of Ed Butowski. Butowski is a staunch Donald Trump supporter, who also writes articles for Breitbart News. He got his start with Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and he is now worth around $3 Billion.

In June of 2019, Devin's idiot "attorney" Steven Biss filed a defamation suit on behalf of Ed Butowsky against NPR for $57 million in damages. NPR reported on a federal lawsuit that alleged Butowsky worked with the White House to influence a retracted Fox News report on conspiracy theories about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

In his complaint, Butowsky alleges that NPR’s reporting was intentionally biased against him. NPR in statements on the lawsuits has said it stands by its reporting.

It's pretty obvious Nunes's lawsuits are definitely not self-funded and is most certainly part of a larger plan of disinformation & general fuckery funded by the powerful dark money of Butowski, who loves loves loves being part of disinformation and general fuckery. The dots of Biss, Butowski, and Nunes are super easy to connect.

More details to come but this is just something to get the ball rolling...

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