• Toby Morton

Devin Nunes Is A Dangerous Fool

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Devin Nunes is going as far as telling his constituents that the Democrats and the media are behind the Virus panic. We're cautious, yes, but panicked? And let us not forget, Devin Nunes told people it was okay to go out and dine at restaurants and drink at pubs.

The following is a quote from his appearance on Fresno's @KMJNOW

"The media is absolutely responsible for this..90% of them are working for the Democrats, working for the left..They’re doing dangerous things in this country by whipping everyone up in this panic. There’s no reason to be in this panic."

Devin Nunes is a dangerous fool who prefers everyone panic to cover-up his own out of control anxiety. Get. Him. OUT.

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