• Toby Morton

Devin Nunes is a Horrible Judge of Character

This is a reminder that Devin Nunes AND his “attorney” Steven Biss are fucking idiots.

Biss filed a defamation suit on behalf of Robert David Steele. Steele claimed that NASA was running a child slave colony on Mars.

Robert David Steele is promoting lawsuits as a method for taking down media platforms on the internet…for millions and millions of dollars. He is most definitely the main player who initiated the frivolous lawsuit movement, and Biss is all on board to take it even further.

Here is a direct quote from Steele:

"We are going to take down Youtube and Google and Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Wikipedia and Meetup and then they are all going to pay millions and millions and millions of dollars because I am going to personally do my very best to inspire with a legal summit ten thousand lawsuits…"

Robert David Steele and Biss have opened the door to ‘silencing’ any researcher providing factual informationon public figures. What’s even more insidious, is that Biss has no problem with naming innocent people as the target of his lawsuit. The actions taken by Biss and Robert David Steele are damaging and dangerous.

And this man...this man is representing Devin Nunes and Nunes is perfectly fine with it, because as we all know, Devin Nunes is in on it all.

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